In search of PHAT LEWT

Arrival at Port Marrak (by Lathilien)

After a month on the water I’ve decided next time, I’ll teleport, but after spending my last few platinum on a pair of boots, all I could afford was a trip on a small vessel (most likely a smugglers). So leaving the academy in high spirits I set out.

The sea voyage went decidedly well, with no mishaps or misadventures in that department. My cabin mate, the only other passenger on-board this godforsaken vessel, is also a wizard, though he looks decidedly like a vagabond in old tattered clothes, smelling decidedly of booze. Studying him reading through his tattered, patched together spell-book I’m almost believe he was schooled by some kind of drunken hedge wizard. His spells however are quite powerful – a match for my own – if not as wide an array as those penned in my own spell-book.

On the twenty third day of our travel the lookout sited Port Marrak Upon closing with the shore I noticed the townsfolk hadn’t heard the word of my preeminent arrival. A few airbursts of fireballs punctuated by a few of the flashier spells in my repertoire had them coming out in droves. To his creditAranil joined in on the excitement, creating an even greater cacophony of noise and light. These poor peasants won’t know what hit them.

Upon arrival at the docks I found that they were kept in good order for such a small town, and saw chests of what looked like salt-water pearls being loaded back onto the boat as we stepped off. Heading into the town of Port Marrak I was quick to study my surroundings. The buildings were almost all incredibly well built, seemingly storm proof, with many of the smaller ones set into the ground to protect them. Asking a guard we received directions to the nearest – and from the looks of it – only tavern, in town. After a quick look around the place I found a quiet table in the corner and began to polish the muck off of my boots with the careful use of some prestidigitation. My companion proceeded to the bar and procured a number of drinks and we proceeded to throw what was perhaps the biggest party this small town had ever witnessed. During the course of the ensuing evening, the pretty bard that was playing in the tavern caught my eye and a look passed between us. With my bed secured for the night we continued enjoying ourselves. A game of catch the firebolt proceeded to happen in the courtyard of the tavern. My friend had obviously had a few too many for his second shot nearly went straight through the window of a nearby house. Luckily I managed to get in the way of the bolt and let it dissipate harmlessly into my protective wards.

When I awoke in the morning I found myself in a bed with the bard from the previous night. Quickly extricating myself from her grasp i headed downstairs. It was pointed out to me that I had failed to properly clothe myself, so to avoid causing too much commotion I quickly doused myself in invisibility and headed back upstairs to get dressed as quietly as possible. Heading back downstairs my friend and I had a quick discussion and I found out that he too had been incredibly unlucky in last nights misadventures. Taking stock of our current provisions and situation we decided that we’d head to a ziggurat we had seen etched into a map carved into a table, and quickly.

We retreated quickly into the relative safety of the swamp.



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