In search of PHAT LEWT

The Arrival

Our ship came in today Lathilien and Mine I mean, and no that’s not a metaphorical statement but a Factual one after many weeks at sea on what I have come to suspect was a smugglers ship we have arrived at (insert town name here) and this wasn’t your typical get off the boat and go find a place to stay arrival, were it down to me it might have been but Lathilien can get a little excited at times and Damn me if i don’t sometime get caught up in the moment.

As the ship pulled into the harbor Lathilien decided to put on a little show for the Towns people so after lobbing a few fire balls into the sky for fun we got fancy combining a little presdigitation with some Fireball magic to produce some pretty colors and some sparks it was i must say quite the spectacular arrival. Sufficeth to say that everyone knows we’re here now and if that wasn’t enough after a couple weeks on a ship i was DYING to find myself something decent to drink.

So we headed for the Tavern would you believe this place is so tiny it only has ONE tavern i hope they have something decent to drink or i’m getting right back on the ship and headed for waterdeep I hear they always have some sort of trouble that needs dealing with and i’m damn sure they’ll have something that’ll put a fire in my belly.

Anyways we walked into the Bar and wouldn’t you know it Lathilien immediately catches the Eye of the Tavern owners Daughter (thats going to be trouble i can see it now) I go straight for the Bar “Keep whats the best stuff you have” he holds up a Tiny flask of something a dark amber color i don’t know what it is but i tell him too pour me a glass… I woke up some minutes later thinking i’d swallowed one of my own fireball spells “thats GOOD stuff” and a heck of a way to get the afternoon going i get something a little more moderate for the next couple of hours and Lathilien and half the town join me for what turns into a Foot Stomping roof rattling good time.

Then Lathiliens boasting, excitable temperament and a goodly amount of goading by the towns people put he and I out in the middle of the street where drunk as we were we decided to do a little fire catching. Now we were drunk not stupid so Lathilien hardened himself to the element of fire and I spent a few moment ordering my mind and bringing to bear a couple of the Non-burst effect fire spells I have in my repertoire. With much hand waving and just a touch of the Over careful speech of a drunk person trying not too appear drunk I manage to launch a Firebolt at Lathilien hitting him square in the Chest the roared so Drunk on their approval aswell as the Booze I lined up a little less carefully and let rip with another Firebolt… This one was not aimed so well but with a little fast movement and a bit of a dive Lathilien turned what was likely to be a Roof Raising/burning event into another round of applause from the towns people.

Not wishing to push our luck further we went back inside for a few more drinks.


I woke up the next morning with my arm lodged beneath a very pretty half elf woman. Don’t ask me how it got there, don’t ask me her name and don’t ask me what she’s going to call the Child because i don’t have any answers to those questions and it’s going to be at least a couple months till i find out that some of them are going to need answers.

I wriggled my arm out from under her left a couple coins under a pillow and made a bee line for the Tavern Just as i walked in from the street Lathilien Came down the Stairs Stark naked. “what are you Doing Man (Elf ah whatever)” he glanced down turned a very becoming (on a woman) shade of pink and muttered 3 words gestured with the hand that wasn’t covering himself and turned invisible and came back down stairs a couple minutes latter Impeccably dressed and acting like nothing happened. Which is definitely how i plan to leave the matter.

(as an Aside he will also need to start thinking baby names as the Tavern owners daughter is likely to start showing in about 4-5 months time too)

So that’s how it stands at the beginning of day 2 in (insert town name here) We’re hung over, fathers and we have no idea what awaits us out in the Wilderness. Adventure Bring it on.



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