Aranil Thranithon

A Crazy Wizard with many a Fireball to spare.


Str 14 Dex 20 Con 12 Int 20 Wis 12 Cha 11

Fort 3 Ref 8 Will 7

HP 36 AC 16 (+misc Magical Modifiers) Level 8 Wizard


A Lot of magic never left enough of someone to complain. A little magic just got me another beer from the Bar.

A short and rather stout (for an Elf) Wizard Aranil is rather careless with his appearance though he only wears clothes of the finest cut, they are usually last seasons style and often rather threadbare and hard worn. Though this just makes the clothes he wears all the more comfortable and that’s what Aranil is all about, Comfort Comfort COMFORT.

Aranil adopted the Wizards life of study and contemplation mostly as a way to avoid real work figuring that the Heaviest thing he would have to lift with his hands would be a spell book he begged his father to place him with a mentor a Wiley old Wizard with many tricks and quite a few short cuts which he was more than willing to share with his student over a pot of beer.

Aranils mentor was more than a bit taken with a beer he specially imported from Waterdeep and was almost never without a mug of it in his hands this meant he needed to be able to cast spells to demonstrate for his students without speaking the verbal components and never a fan of the taste of sulfur and Bat Guano he could also cast his spells without the need for the messier components most wizards need to cast their spells. These are both abilities he eventually taught to Aranil.

Having learned all that his master could teach him Aranil left his home town and caught ship for the Western Isles looking to carve himself out a Personal domain or at least a comfortable place at the Local Tavern.

Aranil Thranithon

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