Glindel Nothram


Malak’s Band




Glindel Nothram is a bard of much renown and repute accross the sea, few towns have not heard his tale of “the halfling and the dragon” a fantastic bed time story for children, and a guarenteed laugh for an adult audience every time.

Glindel is the son of a nymph, or so he claimed, while it explains why he does not apear human, and not exactly elven. He refused to reveal the location of his mother, whether it is because he doesnt know, or perhaps he doesnt want any siblings.

Glindel met Malak while he was traveling in the unfamiliar sprawling city of Fjorn’brun, he had been cornered by slavers, and was in a tight spot, when out of no where Malak and the Stouthammer’s came to his rescue. Gratefull towards Malak, and knowing a potential epic in the making, Glindel joined the band and made a poiint of recording Malak’s band’d deeds, most of thier renown is owed to the expertise of Glindel, Malak’s marriage as well. That tale can be read in his tome “Loves Fangs”.

Glindel met his future wife in a competition of wit and guile, the prise being mroe than ten thousand gold pieces, Glindel was a ringer for first place, but was distracted in the final round as his opponents bodice accidently slipped, temporarily rending him speachless. This is one of the few stories Glindel did not sing about, but devoted a significant amount of time dwelling on….

Glindel Nothram

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