In search of PHAT LEWT

The Ziggurat (lower level)

Consulting with the map conveniently carved into the table at the tavern lathilien and Myself decide that we want to go north east and pillag… Uh examine some ruins marked on there by some previous adventurers who spotted them but didn’t have the time to spend exploring them. We traveled for about 4 days without issue then as we were sitting meditating on the night of the fifth day we heard a gutral language some-things talking in Gaintish atleast two of them “should we surround them or just rush em” as one Lathilien and i opened out eyes and turned in the direction of the voices spotting a trio of scrags we immediatley spring into action both of us beinging the incantations for a fireball, I finished my spell first calling the placement of the spell 50 feet forward and 5 up pointing my fingers jerking my arm to give the spell direction the three scrags were enveloped in the expanding flames of the spell though one of them managed to avoid the brunt of the spell. Bare moments after i completed my spell Lathilien finished the gestures that flung his Fire ball into the Midst of the Sea trolls two of them collapsed in smouldering heaps while the third turned to flee into the swamps. Knowing that the horrible burns it had sustained would never heal and that trolls by and large are Evil creatures and that they had planned on killing us i felt no remorse in flinging a second fireball after the fleeing scrag dropping it in to the shallow peaty waters of the swamp.

After a quick search of the bodies which turned up a couple of pretty and expensive looking treasures 91Pp, a fine gold bracelet, a golden music box, a potion and a taty but still servicable scroll

we climbed a tree and sat back down too finish our meditations for the night resting our minds so that we could memorise our full repertoires of spells the next morning.

we travelled for another day or so and came upon a Ziggurat a three story tall affaire that looked to have been a) recently cleaned and b) the subject of a ferocious attack there were dismemebered bodies of goblins everywhere but strangely no sign of a force coming from the surrounding jungle in fact it appeared that the goblins were trying to flee the Ziggurat Hundreds of them all trying to get away. This needed investigating.

We were just the wizards for the job.

We went into the Ziggurat and found the ground floor of it a vast open space with many columns supporting the ceiling at regular ten foot intervals.

At the rear of the vast chamber we found a platform and secreted in the columns on either side of the space were levers that raised and lowered it we decided to go downwards the platform opened onto a square room with four doors leading of it one for each point of the compass we went to the south first and found a storage room of some sort sealed large clay vessels filled it Boring we went on to the east chamber Dozens of Clay statues started coming to life, Terracota warriors moving too attack. Immediate response Fireball into their Midst half of them shattered instantly. Slamming my foot back on the door close mechanism the stone door slid back into place but not before we saw pieces of the golems sliding back towards each other and reforming

Retreat forwards

Beyond the northern door we found a Giant Terracota warrior though this one is unarmed inanimate and looks to be waiting for something in fact its hands are positioned and clasped as if its waiting for a polearm. We move onwards a plan starting to form find the Giants weapon and maybe we won’t have to worry about the little guys attacking us there was a split in the northern corridor back a ways from the Giant warrior so we check down that corridor more golems that 80 so far this could get nasty if those things start leaving their rooms we back track and i go for the west door when i hear shattering from the south Lathlien has gotten Aggrivated with the lack of shiny things and has taken out his annoyance on one of the clay storage pots in the southern room fortunately for us he seems to have stumbled on too something important he picks up a shiny gemstone piece with some carving on it from the midst of a bunch or worthless clay shards i join him in shattering the other half a dozen pots finding a gem stone piece in each the seem too fit together somehow and Lathilien recalls reading somewhere that the emporer of a culture native to this region centuries ago used to reward their greatest warriors with Gemstone weapons. We have a bunch of pieces but some are still missing we head to the west door just as we hear grinding from the east the terracotta warriors are coming after us reformed and MAD. We rushed down the western corridor and come to a dead end with two doors one north and one south they are inscribed with two different messages one says that “beyond both doors is certain death” the other that “one door is safe and the other death beyond certainty” fortunately we pick option C) by discovering with our finely tuned elven senses a secret door in the Friese on the wall between the doors we open it and dive into a crawl tube as the terracota warriors catch up to us slaming the door closed behind us we shimmy into a small room with no other entrances and there on a stone table are the missing pieces we need we begin assembling the gemstones into what turns out to be a large long spear made entirely of some sort of translucent gem the pieces fuse on contact with their correct neighbor so it wasn’t too difficult to do and I gingerly lead the way out into the corridor holding the completed spear and praying that the warriors won’t try to squewer me with their swords not that we have it. Luckily they don’t and we go back to the Giant terracota warrior weaving our way between his smaller brothers in arms. After replacing his weapon a small opening in the base of his plinth opens revealing a ring set way back at the maximum extent of our reach i try a couple times to grab it but fearing a hand catching trap i fail to grab it both times then Lathilien comes up with an idea thinking that what we are seeing is a reflection of a ring above a mirror he reaches up into the top of the space and pulls out a carved bronze ring we spend a while identifying our prize and discover it is a ring of commanding in fact it is a ring for the commanding of the terracota warriors


Arrival at Port Marrak (by Lathilien)

After a month on the water I’ve decided next time, I’ll teleport, but after spending my last few platinum on a pair of boots, all I could afford was a trip on a small vessel (most likely a smugglers). So leaving the academy in high spirits I set out.

The sea voyage went decidedly well, with no mishaps or misadventures in that department. My cabin mate, the only other passenger on-board this godforsaken vessel, is also a wizard, though he looks decidedly like a vagabond in old tattered clothes, smelling decidedly of booze. Studying him reading through his tattered, patched together spell-book I’m almost believe he was schooled by some kind of drunken hedge wizard. His spells however are quite powerful – a match for my own – if not as wide an array as those penned in my own spell-book.

On the twenty third day of our travel the lookout sited Port Marrak Upon closing with the shore I noticed the townsfolk hadn’t heard the word of my preeminent arrival. A few airbursts of fireballs punctuated by a few of the flashier spells in my repertoire had them coming out in droves. To his creditAranil joined in on the excitement, creating an even greater cacophony of noise and light. These poor peasants won’t know what hit them.

Upon arrival at the docks I found that they were kept in good order for such a small town, and saw chests of what looked like salt-water pearls being loaded back onto the boat as we stepped off. Heading into the town of Port Marrak I was quick to study my surroundings. The buildings were almost all incredibly well built, seemingly storm proof, with many of the smaller ones set into the ground to protect them. Asking a guard we received directions to the nearest – and from the looks of it – only tavern, in town. After a quick look around the place I found a quiet table in the corner and began to polish the muck off of my boots with the careful use of some prestidigitation. My companion proceeded to the bar and procured a number of drinks and we proceeded to throw what was perhaps the biggest party this small town had ever witnessed. During the course of the ensuing evening, the pretty bard that was playing in the tavern caught my eye and a look passed between us. With my bed secured for the night we continued enjoying ourselves. A game of catch the firebolt proceeded to happen in the courtyard of the tavern. My friend had obviously had a few too many for his second shot nearly went straight through the window of a nearby house. Luckily I managed to get in the way of the bolt and let it dissipate harmlessly into my protective wards.

When I awoke in the morning I found myself in a bed with the bard from the previous night. Quickly extricating myself from her grasp i headed downstairs. It was pointed out to me that I had failed to properly clothe myself, so to avoid causing too much commotion I quickly doused myself in invisibility and headed back upstairs to get dressed as quietly as possible. Heading back downstairs my friend and I had a quick discussion and I found out that he too had been incredibly unlucky in last nights misadventures. Taking stock of our current provisions and situation we decided that we’d head to a ziggurat we had seen etched into a map carved into a table, and quickly.

We retreated quickly into the relative safety of the swamp.

The Arrival

Our ship came in today Lathilien and Mine I mean, and no that’s not a metaphorical statement but a Factual one after many weeks at sea on what I have come to suspect was a smugglers ship we have arrived at (insert town name here) and this wasn’t your typical get off the boat and go find a place to stay arrival, were it down to me it might have been but Lathilien can get a little excited at times and Damn me if i don’t sometime get caught up in the moment.

As the ship pulled into the harbor Lathilien decided to put on a little show for the Towns people so after lobbing a few fire balls into the sky for fun we got fancy combining a little presdigitation with some Fireball magic to produce some pretty colors and some sparks it was i must say quite the spectacular arrival. Sufficeth to say that everyone knows we’re here now and if that wasn’t enough after a couple weeks on a ship i was DYING to find myself something decent to drink.

So we headed for the Tavern would you believe this place is so tiny it only has ONE tavern i hope they have something decent to drink or i’m getting right back on the ship and headed for waterdeep I hear they always have some sort of trouble that needs dealing with and i’m damn sure they’ll have something that’ll put a fire in my belly.

Anyways we walked into the Bar and wouldn’t you know it Lathilien immediately catches the Eye of the Tavern owners Daughter (thats going to be trouble i can see it now) I go straight for the Bar “Keep whats the best stuff you have” he holds up a Tiny flask of something a dark amber color i don’t know what it is but i tell him too pour me a glass… I woke up some minutes later thinking i’d swallowed one of my own fireball spells “thats GOOD stuff” and a heck of a way to get the afternoon going i get something a little more moderate for the next couple of hours and Lathilien and half the town join me for what turns into a Foot Stomping roof rattling good time.

Then Lathiliens boasting, excitable temperament and a goodly amount of goading by the towns people put he and I out in the middle of the street where drunk as we were we decided to do a little fire catching. Now we were drunk not stupid so Lathilien hardened himself to the element of fire and I spent a few moment ordering my mind and bringing to bear a couple of the Non-burst effect fire spells I have in my repertoire. With much hand waving and just a touch of the Over careful speech of a drunk person trying not too appear drunk I manage to launch a Firebolt at Lathilien hitting him square in the Chest the roared so Drunk on their approval aswell as the Booze I lined up a little less carefully and let rip with another Firebolt… This one was not aimed so well but with a little fast movement and a bit of a dive Lathilien turned what was likely to be a Roof Raising/burning event into another round of applause from the towns people.

Not wishing to push our luck further we went back inside for a few more drinks.


I woke up the next morning with my arm lodged beneath a very pretty half elf woman. Don’t ask me how it got there, don’t ask me her name and don’t ask me what she’s going to call the Child because i don’t have any answers to those questions and it’s going to be at least a couple months till i find out that some of them are going to need answers.

I wriggled my arm out from under her left a couple coins under a pillow and made a bee line for the Tavern Just as i walked in from the street Lathilien Came down the Stairs Stark naked. “what are you Doing Man (Elf ah whatever)” he glanced down turned a very becoming (on a woman) shade of pink and muttered 3 words gestured with the hand that wasn’t covering himself and turned invisible and came back down stairs a couple minutes latter Impeccably dressed and acting like nothing happened. Which is definitely how i plan to leave the matter.

(as an Aside he will also need to start thinking baby names as the Tavern owners daughter is likely to start showing in about 4-5 months time too)

So that’s how it stands at the beginning of day 2 in (insert town name here) We’re hung over, fathers and we have no idea what awaits us out in the Wilderness. Adventure Bring it on.


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