In search of Phat Lewt

This is a western marches style campaign, if you dont know what that is, basicaly an open ended sandbox style, with only one nearby source of friendly civilization for the pcs to fall back on. Challenges get progressively harder the further the PC’s press into the wilderness, in theory a party of level 3 PC’s could accidently enter a dungeon designed for lvl 7’s, by traveling to far, or wanting to explore an area there not ready for. The campaign map is recorded on a hexagon grid, each hex representing a certain time of travel, entering a new hex results in a potential random encounter, 1d10 9-10 being an encounter, this represents the relative untamed aspect of a western marches campaign, in my campaign we also keep track of the weather, and damn have we had a few hurricanes already… Unlike the majority of other campaigns i also keep track of the populations of the larger settlements of monstrous humanoids, i have spread sheets determining rate of births, and children maturing to adulthood, so in theory the longer the pcs take to tackle them, the stronger these groups foothold become.

We have a saying in my campaigns, “if theres an artifact, kevin will find it, and get himself killed with it…” its rather strange how Kevin allways seems to find the random artifacts i place in my campaigns, and either use them when he shouldnt, or knowingly use them when thier cursed. i have a rule in my campaigns, a natural 20 is a automatic success, i dont like fudging die rolls, and i allways seem to roll 20’s for kevin finding things he should leave alone….

“and Leave them alone i won’t Muwahahaha!!” Kwvin

In search of PHAT LEWT

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