Fisz Nosh

King of the Goblin Hordes (Deceased)


Str 16 Dex 15 Con 18 Int 14 Wis 12 Cha 9

Fort 10 Refl 3 Will 2

HP 72 AC 22 SD 30’ (in full-plate) Level 6 (5 fighter/1 Barbarian)

Monkey grips a Medium sized Great sword and wears small Mithril Full-plate.


A goblin befriended by a pair of Elven brothers (deceased) who intimidated bribed and conquered a number of Goblin tribes and brought them together too form the temporary backbone/foundation of their new empire… They then Died… Leaving Fisz-Nosh too do as he willed with his new-found importance and gathered tribes.

He decided to go adventuring with a an Ogre who he convinced to stay with the tribe by feeding it (he was warned about things he fed following him home in this case it worked out to the good though) and an elf with gryphon animal companion in tow forced to weather a force 5 hurricane in the Goblin Caves (this was not the only and probably will not be the last Hurricane for this region this Month) after much scouting from the air we found a zigurat to the North East of insert town name here and we went exploring after not much time exploring the zigurat we found our way upto the second level were as the sun set we witnessed a battle between Soldiers of Light and dark they hacked each other down repeatedly only to reform and fight a new. When the upper edge of the Suns disk dipped below the edge of the horizon the soldiers stopped fighting and returned to their positions around the hall.

My companions decided it would be a good time to get some sleep but being a creature most comfortable at night Fisz-nosh decided to have a crack at figuring out the story of the Armored warriors in the upper chamber. He examined the two Enthroned figures at opposite ends of the hall each of which had one fist clenched around a Scepter and one closed as in Anger each figure encased in Light and Dark armor. Fisz-Nosh Eyes ever keen noticed that the two seated figures appeared too be holding each others Scepters thinking there might be a reward for seeing to this oversight he tried to pry one scepter from the fingers of the Light. After a few attempts he managed to pry it loose causing the soldiers of the light to come to life and begin swinging swords at him fearing for his life but not willing to give up on his dreams of Treasure Fisz-nosh bolted for the other end of the hall Creaking and Clanking all the way he took a few half dozen clanking blows to his shiny plate armor and another too his face but managed to get to the other end of the hall quickly enough. Below in the first level of the Zigurat the Elf (insert name here) and Ogre (ditto) came out of their trance and sleep respectively rushing up to the next level they came upon the scene Fisz-Nosh yanking the other scepter from the second Knights Grasp they yelled too him making him aware of their presence so he turned and threw the Scepter of the Dark too them the Dark army awoken and looking for a fight chased right after it following the Elf and Ogre to the other end of the chamber where smarty pants elf boy managed to jam the thing home on the first try. Meanwhile Fisz-nosh was having all sorts of problems with the second knight, its hand must have been rusty or maybe it was just a little limp wristed because it took him 4 tries to get the thing to stand straight in the knights hand all the while being slammed and smashed from behind by the Army of Light.

After finally ramming the scepter home the army of the light retreated to their normal positions and a Much battered and bleeding Goblin waited for his reward… and waited… and waited… 6 hours passed and with the rising sun shining through the Gem set in the Knight of the Lights scepter his other clenched hand opened to reveal a ring. Fisz-nosh feeling totally entitled too picked the ring up and put it on… Nothing seemed to happen… all that work and pain and he got a dud ring maybe it would be worth something too someone else so he said “lets go down stairs” and the army of the light started following him down… nice a ring of commanding yay an indestructible army all for me… and my friends of course cough cough


Fisz Nosh

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