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Port Malak, History This is the main staging point for adventurers in the Frontier.

Originaly founded by Malak Thestral a Cleric of some renown, the original settlement compriszed of Malak’s retainers, his family, and his adventuring companions, and thier families. His first project for the Port was building a Fort overlooking the bay, given the lack of usable stone in the serounding area, Malak largely employed his considerable gifts as a cleric ‘wall of stone’. Many of the central buldings in Port Malak were made using the wall of stone spell and enchanted to ward off monsters. with a defensible position to fall back on, Malak lead his companions into the wilds, searching for the items said to be crafted by death himself. Malak and his companions returned many times, bringing ancient treasures, tales of bravery, stupidity, and much jest. But still they had not found more thanhints about thier wherabouts and power. The last time they left, Malak wore a expression of dread, as if knowing he would not return again. it was seven months when the minstral Glindel Hearthstrem, who traveled with Malak returned, he looked haunted, his eyes sunken, his hair a tangled mess of white, dried blood caked his right side, his arm was missing, a festering stump all that remained, Glindel died the night after, a look of terror fixed on his face, his arm covering his head as if trying to ward off an attacker.

Receiving no word from his master, and nothing more than incoherant rambling from Glindel. Sintram assumed the worse, he and Malak had discussed this possibility the day before he left, should no word be heard, Sintram would assume leadership of the small community and provide for them as best he was more than a year before a ship passed the Port, a decade before trade was properly established. Sintram is the leader of the most prosperous mercantile company running in the port, and the chairman of the Ports council. The port has grown, from little more than a fort with a wall, to a sprawling community around the harbor. After the first goblin raid, Sintram hired mercenaries from the city of Klarg accross the sea, known for thier toughness and loyalty, to protect the Port and maintain order.

Malak’s band

Malak Thestral, Human Cleric 17.

Frieja (Fray-a) Stouthammer Dwarf Fignter 7, Dwarven Defender 8.

Glindel Nothram Human bard 16.

Bjarn {B-yarn)Stouthammer Dwarf Wizard 15 ‘Abjuration’.

Lyrissa “Moonbow” Drow Ranger 17.

Malak’s band family members

Kestral Thestral, Malak’s wife, currently living in the original fort, serves as the Ports midwife, using skills she learned from her husband. Kestral has no children.She spends the majority of her time painting landscape pieces of the sea down by the docks.She is a honorary member of the Port council, but rarely attends meetings.

Bjarn/Frieja Stouthammer, husband and wife, deceased, no children, no relatives in the port.

Liera Nothram, Glindel’s Wife, mother of Sarah, Grandmother of Celia, opperates “The Sailor’s Respite” a..erm…gentlemans club. her step son Morn Varth does not approve, and refuses her entry to his Inn and does not willingly allow her to visit his daughter.

Sarah Varth, Glindel’s daughter, deceased, married to Morn Varth Innkeep of “The Black Pearl”, Sarah died from complications giving birth to her own daughter Celia.

Morn Varth, Glindel’s step son, married Glindel’s daughter Sarah, currently owns and opperates “The Black Pearl” sole INN of Port Malak, named after Malak’s necklace, rumoured to have extraordanary power.

No known relatives of Lyrisssa “Moonbow”.

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